<span><span><span>Hôtel D Bulle, Switzerland · 4-star hotel between Montreux and Fribourg</span></span></span>

Bulle, city of encounters and history

In the heart of Gruyère, Bulle is a pleasant city where life is good: this city reveals its charms and its tranquility to curious tourists or travelers passing through. Modern and dynamic, it has retained its assets as a peaceful country town, with the surrounding landscapes of the magnificent Fribourg Pre-Alps.

Between Bern and Lausanne, Bulle is a meeting place, at the crossroads of French-speaking and German Switzerland. We come to discover the historic center, a few steps from the Hotel D, which we admire during walks or visits.

The Gruyère Museum and its permanent exhibition "La Gruyère, routes and footprints" immerses you in the life of the inhabitants of the Gruyère region in past centuries and recreates the atmosphere through reconstructions.

Of this museum, take the historical circuit in the city, up to the Château de Bulle, with a breathtaking view of the surroundings and of the Moléson, summit of the Fribourg Alps.

<span><span><span>Hôtel D Bulle, Switzerland · 4-star hotel between Montreux and Fribourg</span></span></span>

La Gruyère, nature, culture and delicacies!

Cultural visits

A few kilometers from the Hotel D Bulle, the town of Gruyères, between the Swiss Plateau and the Fribourg Pre-Alps, makes you discover its historical and cultural heritage, inherited from medieval and Renaissance times, such as these small chapels and preserved buildings to discover during walks in the city.

Do not miss the admirably preserved 13th century Gruyères castle, located on a hill which dominates the town and the valley.

<span><span><span>Hôtel D Bulle, Switzerland · 4-star hotel between Montreux and Fribourg</span></span></span>

Stay in the heart of nature

Land of adventures, the region of Gruyère will delight lovers of sports holidays: between lakes and mountains, the hiking trails on foot or by moutain bike take you to discover the superb landscapes, in summer, while in winter, the region will delight gliding enthusiasts.

Just a few kilometers from Bulle, Lake Gruyère, the longest in Switzerland and one of the most beautiful in the country, seduces with its superb colors and amazing lights depending on the time of day.

With the surrounding mountains and peaks as a backdrop, including the Moléson and the Dent de Chamois, it also surprises with its small island of Ogoz, to the north of the lake, covered by the waters when the dam was built, which we can see today. oday the remains of the 13th century castle, as well as the chapel, where some still come today to say yes...

A footpath has been laid out to allow you to hike along the water all around the lake.

<span><span><span>Hôtel D Bulle, Switzerland · 4-star hotel between Montreux and Fribourg</span></span></span>

Gourmet getaways

Foodies take note: the Gruyère region unveils its many specialties for their greatest pleasure. This is where the famous Gruyère AOP cheese is produced.

Go to La Maison du Gruyère, at the foot of the hill of the castle to discover the history and the manufacturing secrets through a visit and an exhibition of this cheese dairy.

In this Swiss region, you will taste the many regional specialties, such as fondue, not to mention chocolate: go to the Maison Callier, Swiss chocolate factory, for a guided tour.

<span><span><span>Hôtel D Bulle, Switzerland · 4-star hotel between Montreux and Fribourg</span></span></span>

The canton of Fribourg, between lakes and mountains

Sail on the lakes, hike in the mountains, get away from it all in the heart of the natural parks: the canton of Fribourg perfectly combines the dynamism and modernity of its towns with a natural and countryside spirit in the heart of superb landscapes (Jaun waterfall, the Moleson…).

Between Bern and Lausanne, admire its exceptional sites during discovery and sporting activities, adapted to everyone.

In winter, reach the ski resorts for a day on the slopes and in summer, take to the heights to reach the peaks, thanks to the many hiking trails and the funiculars and cable cars.

Charm and Mont Vounetz, land of adventures for young and old, the Moléson, summit which rises to 2000 meters above sea level and offers a superb panorama up to Mont Blanc: getaways to recharge your batteries and enjoy the fresh air Swiss mountains!